Inspirational, Informative, & Entertaining Presentations
for Quilt Guilds & Other Groups

Be inspired by Barbara’s passion for quilting and design as she shares her expertise and showcases her traditional and highly innovative and artistic contemporary quilts to demonstrate her lecture’s lessons.

Practicing the art of quilting for more than 40 years, she is an award-winning quilter and teacher and held her first solo exhibit in 2018 and is preparing for her third one in fall 2022.

Most lectures and trunk shows can be done in person or via Zoom.

Barbara is a member of the New England Quilt Museum’s Teachers Directory.

Some of the presentations have new titles!


If Picasso was a Quilter: How to Enhance Your Creativity
Creativity, an innate gift we all possess, is about experimenting, taking risks, making mistakes, breaking rules, and having fun.  Using Picasso’s and other artist’s philosophies, learn the tools and techniques to enhance your creative genius. Show-and-tell quilts demonstrate Barbara’s creative flair. Fractured lilies quilt

Keeping You In Stitches: Quilters’ Comedy Cafe
Your guild will have “sew” much fun at this amusing, interactive program of insider jokes, cartoon punch lines, and silly word games on fabric stashes, messy sewing rooms, UFOs, quilters’ husbands, and more – guaranteed to tickle your funny bone! Great fun for guild meetings or retreats.

Secret Codes of the Quilts from the Underground Railroad
Although the validity of the oral history is debated, Barbara recounts how the hidden meanings of quilt blocks informed enslaved African Americans when to start their journey to freedom, how to navigate their path, where to find safe houses, and other clever messages encoded in quilts.

Seven Steps to Achieve Color Harmony
Do you need some tried-and-true tips for putting colors together for a quilt? Learn how to choose colors that work well together as well as discover the emotions that each color evokes. Color theory will be demonstrated in show-and-tell quilts. Stained glass quilt

Design Checklist: Quilt Design Tips from an Interior Decorator Learn about scale, contrast, line, balance, value, unity, harmony, and other design principles and translate them to your own quilting projects. Show-and-tell examples – yours and Barbara’s – will demonstrate each design principle. Swirls of blue quilt

Setting Up Your Sewing Studio for Fun and Function Whether it’s a corner or an entire room, learn how to create work zones and storage solutions (many of them budget friendly!) for all your sewing, craft, and quilting needs.  Barbara will share lots of pictures including those of her own design studio she fondly calls her “happy place.”


An Introduction to Art Quilts: Taking Baby Steps to Think Outside the Block I and II
Be motivated with “outside-the-block” techniques – perhaps a little outside your normal comfort zone, too – to spark ideas for your own upcoming quilt projects. Enjoy Barbara’s trunk show that breaks the boundaries of traditional patchwork quilting. Reverse applique floral circles

Embellish! Simple Surface Design for Quilts, Wall Hangings, and Banners
Take your quilt projects to the next level with painting, stenciling, stamping, beading, lace, buttons, and more. Many examples from ruler bags to wall hangings will be shared to inspire new ideas for your quilting “bucket list.” Breaking Wave Quilt

“Sew” Creative: The Fabric of My Life Follow Barbara’s  journey from her first scrap quilt made in college in the 1980’s, through her traditional phase making quilts for wedding and baby gifts, to current-day artistic wall hangings and solo exhibits.

A Walk Down “Cheat Street:” Using Panels and Large Print Fabric in Quilts Learn how to look at fabric panels and large-scale florals and geometrics in a new way to create unique wall hangings, table linens, door banners, or bed-size quilts. This is an interactive presentation as Barbara invites you to bring a panel or fabric from your stash and we’ll share ideas on how to use it. Boston skyline quilt

QUILT WORKSHOPS (photos forthcoming)

Do the String Thing: The “Coffee Roll” Quilt

Using paper coffee filters and adding machine or cash register tape as foundation pieces for this string quilt project, create a beautiful table runner, pillow, placemats, wall hanging, or lap quilt.  A great project for all your scraps or use that jelly roll you have been saving.

Fracture Fun: Easy Art Quilts Using Printed Pictorial Panels

Get out your rotary cutter to slice through a pretty pictorial fabric panel to create a one-of-a-kind wall hanging, table runner, or pillow. Students are welcome to email Barbara in advance for advice on design direction based on panel selection.

Out on a Limb: Trees, Trees, Trees

Discover how to transform straight strips and triangles into a beautiful forest with this simple and sensational – even addictive – way to piece and appliqué trees. Bring your imagination or be inspired by Barbara Graceffa for lots of different layout options for this quilt-in-a-day project.

A Good Hair Day: Creating a No-Pattern, Collage Wall hanging

We all dream of both a good hair day and a simple, quilt-in-a-day showstopper without any rules. Gather your large floral or leaf fabric(s) and fusible web to fussy cut and appliqué an attractive silhouette collage wall hanging.  Perfect for Kaffe Fassett or decorator fabrics. The template for the face will be provided.

Something’s Fishy: Get Hooked on Collage Quilts

Fishing for a new technique to try? Enroll in this fun workshop and discover the joy of collage.  Let Barbara guide you with fabric selection and draw an underwater paradises of sea pants and a tiny school of fish to adorn your quilt background.  A great project for your scrap collection.

Be a Free Spirit: Make an Improvisational Quilt

Share Barbara’s passion for improvisational (aka “improv”) quilt making with this no-fear, no-rules, no-rulers, nothing-but-fun approach to piecing a quilt.  This style is so forgiving that if you make something that doesn’t feel right at first, slice it up and insert another piece! Try a bold solid color quilt, a monochromatic one, insert narrow pieces of striped or polka dot fabric for interest, or use your scraps for an abstract adventure in improv.

Meet Me at the Corner of Topsy and Turvy: Welcome to Wonky Town

Calling all buttoned-down perfectionists who long to let your hair down and leave the rules and rulers behind. Try this wonky log cabin block where uneven strips and uncommon structures live together under one roof to make a fast and fun, scrap-buster, quilt-in-a-day masterpiece.

Memory Bear and Quilts: From Past to Present Using Upcycled Clothing and Linens

Did you save your child’s blanket or scout uniform? Or maybe grandpa’s favorite shirt or your mother’s embroidered table clothes you no longer use? Sew a beautiful remembrance teddy bear or pillow or lap quilt using upcycled textiles from a special love one.


All the reviews from our guild were ultra-positive.  Barbara speaks as if she is talking to friends.  Her presentation was enjoyable and inspirational.”

“Barbara’s presentation was the best talk on color I have heard in 20 years of quilting.  The talk was professional, highly- organized and delivered with the use of beautiful graphics and examples of her own lovely work.”

“A very inspiring talk. Your quilts are beautiful and very much art pieces.”

“Barbara’s warm and gentle, but confident, personality make her an instant fit with any group. She is a talented and enthusiastic member of the quilting community.”

“Barbara’s ‘super power’ is the relaxed, non-judgmental learning environment she creates.  Encouraging us to ask questions, share our own ideas and providing helpful feedback are the three pillars of her classes.”

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